The Tagsa Home Care Service provides flexible support to meet both the individual needs of the clients and the needs of their family or informal carers.


It is a support service that allows people to live well in their own homes for as long as they want and can. As well as the traditional services such as preparing meals, personal and domestic support, we also provide companionship and social interaction that reduces the feeling of isolation and maintains their contacts with the community and improves the individuals overall wellbeing, whilst at the same time allowing carers respite and enabling them to continue in their caring role. 


Within this service we provide domestic support and can include assistance with shopping, accompanying to appointments, bill paying, domestic duties, food preparation and control, health and hygiene related tasks, social interaction etc.  The service is provided for clients with all types of disabilities, for adults at risk and people living with long term conditions. It is aimed at those who are in need but who do not necessarily meet criteria through statutory assessments.

Emergency support, including overnight cover is provided to cover unexpected critical demand, such as a home carer having an accident or an unexpected occurrence.

We also provide the option to users of directly purchasing home care at a subsidised rate.

A Commissioned Respite Service is provided to carers who have been assessed by the Comhairle to be entitled to support under the 2018 carers act. carers can be entitled to up to six hours per week, which can be taken on a weekly basis or accrued to allow them a longer or overnight trip away.