Thanks to joint funding from the Life Changes Trust, The Robertson Trust and Storas Uibhist, Tagsa Uibhist was able to commence the Cuimhne Project in August 2017.  The “office” team consists of the Project Leader, two part-time project support workers and one part-time driver/carer – between them they cover the islands of Berneray, the Isle of North Uist, Benbecula, the Isle of South Uist and Eriskay.  They are ably assisted by numerous volunteers from across the islands, without whom, the project would not be able to function.



The Cuimhne project is in place to provide support for those who have had a diagnosis or a presumed diagnosis of dementia, along with their carer’s and families, to assist in providing flexible and proactive advice and information.  We are keen that the project becomes a service that is responsive to individuals needs, and with this in mind, we have arranged a variety of events – “tea and reminiscence”, film screenings, gardening, sporting memories, lunch club and “Share a story”.  They are held on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis at different venues across the islands. These events have proved very beneficial to individuals and their families, with a chance to reminisce, share memories, assist with cognitive stimulation and provide mutual support.



It is our objective to provide a link for individuals and their carers/families that ensures they are accessing the appropriate services and gaining the support necessary to understand their condition and to manage their symptoms.  It is a priority that we enable and support individuals, their partners, families and carers, to be fully informed and plan their own pathway; encouraging those living with dementia to maintain or regain community connections.



We assist in facilitating workshops and training encouraging the wider Uist community to become dementia aware, thereby ensuring the islands become a dementia friendly community.  We have information on Community activities, services and facilities, that have proved to be dementia friendly.

We also provide short-term respite care of one to four hours to allow family members and carers to have a break, go shopping, or just to have some “me-time”.  Trained staff/volunteers assist in providing this for those service users who are in the early to mid- stages of dementia.


Recommendations procedure

This is a support project and as such is open to all those who wish to take advantage of it.

Please contact us if you know of someone, or you feel you would like to be included yourself.

The Cuimhne project, regardless of its official funding, requires the generosity and support of the broader community to allow it to flourish and grow; thereby reducing the fear and stigma surrounding dementia and to provide a caring and stimulating programme for those living with dementia.